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Villahermosa, Tabasco

Villahermosa is the picturesque capital of the state of Tabasco; the climate is warm-humid-dry. The highest temperatures occur during the spring when it can exceed 40 ° C with humidity higher than 90% and although during most of the year it is hot, during winter the percentage of humidity and temperatures decrease.

Despite the city has many years of history, Villahermosa has a modern infrastructure. Its rapid development in the 70’s caused that it absorbed other communities that today are large colonias; the great roads connected the city until making communication between the points of importance of the city.

Villahermosa offers visitors a wealth of attractions, from museums, parks, traditional and interactive museums, large green areas; culture and tradition cannot be missed in Villahermosa with galleries, theaters, parks, the Tabasco 2000 Planetarium and a real universe of possibilities for those who are looking for a vacation in Tabasco. If we speak of nature this city respects the huge natural spaces where you can admire the stunning landscape or spend the afternoon touring art galleries, museums and parks where you will discover in every corner the local culture.

In addition to this, the capital stands out as a business center and is one of the main destinations for conventions in the country, as well as permanent headquarters of the “Congress and International Conference of Oil of Mexico” which is held annually and hosts around 3,000 attendees from around the world. Being an internationally known destination, the city has places of general interest such as large shopping centers, entertainment centers, restaurants and all with first-class infrastructure, which makes it an ideal place for small conventions and international congresses.

To get to Villahermosa we have the International Airport that has flights to and from the main cities of the country; by land owns new highways and wide roads that link this destination with the central and southern part of the country; and by sea, the commercial port of Dos Bocas, is located just 80 km away from the city and has capacity to receive cargo ships and cruise ships with first-world port infrastructure.

Villahermosa is a leading city in infrastructure and business and combined with a great abundance of natural resources, the city surrounded by several rivers also has several interior lagoons and large extensions of green pastures that give it the name of the Southeast Emerald.