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Places of Interest in Villahermosa, Tabasco

La Venta Park-Museum

This park is located next to Las Ilusiones Lagoon, the largest lagoon in Villahermosa. The special thing about this museum is that it is outdoors and is also considered a park because of its abundant nature. This museum’s concept was designed by the poet Carlos Pellicer and is made up of pieces of the Olmec culture that were discovered by him on the site of La Venta in 1925. The park respects the typical flora and fauna of the region to give a realistic touch to the exposed monuments. The entrance fee is $35.00 mxn for adults and $10.00 mxn for children, open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day.

Historic Center

In this area are located the ancient buildings of what was once the colonial city, in the center is the Plaza de Armas or Main Park, where is the Government Palace. In this area we find other buildings of great historical value such as the Casa de los Azulejos, the old Juárez Institute and other buildings that today are art galleries or businesses that preserve the facade intact. The heart of the Historic Center is constituted by the “Zona Luz” (light zone), surrounded by the oldest streets of the city that today are pedestrian streets surrounded too by coffees, restaurants, shops, and so on. Also in this area we find the park of the Corregidora, the park Juárez and two Plazas: the Eagle and the Bicentennial.

Cathedral of the City

The Cathedral of the Lord of Tabasco is located at the western end of the old neighborhood of “Esquipulas”, in the highest part of the hill. The building is eclectic in its style, with a mix of Neoclassical and Baroque elements. The towers rise to 75 meters of height and are visible from any point of the city. This building has cornices, moldings and niches made entirely in stone and quarry that contrast with the interior of the Cathedral that is of sober and simpler architecture.

Papagayo Interactive Museum

Inside this Interactive Museum you will find more than 130 permanent exhibitions, specialized for children, in which children will expand their scientific knowledge and develop their intellectual capacity by playing. The museum is divided into five rooms: “Think, Imagine, Live, Play and Care”. Each of them brings some teaching subject linked to the daily life of children. The Papagayo Interactive Museum is located in front of Tabasco Park and the cost is $62.00 mxn for adults and for children $52.00 mxn; the hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Altabrisa Mall

This shopping center is the largest and most exclusive in Southeast of Mexico. In this space has merged modern architecture with luxury and the best level of functional technology that are combined in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Altabrisa is located in one of the most appreciated areas of Villahermosa. This mall brings more than 200 prestigious firms, restaurants, platinum cinemas, food court and a wide variety of services and entertainment.

Galerías Tabasco Mall

The best shopping center in the city seeks to constantly innovate to satisfy all its visitors. With an excellent location it becomes the exclusive meeting point and ideal to spend a pleasant day. It has a great variety of brands as well as other entertainment centers for the whole family.

Yumká Park

The name means “Elf who takes care of the forest and the animals”. This park values the importance of nature and the need to preserve it as a cultural heritage; the Park, located in the Ranchería las Barrancas only 17 km away from Villahermosa, has 101 hectares of protected natural area that seeks to transcend this message to visitors. Within the park there are several ecosystems such as jungle, orchid, lagoon and zoo with Zoofari, where you can spend a whole day living with nature. The Yumká Park is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the entrance fee is $100.00 mxn for adults and $50.00 mxn for children.

Haciendas Cacaoteras

Would you like to try the artisanal chocolate? Come and see how cocoa is grown in our Cacaoteras Haciendas in Tabasco. In a jungle environment the air is impregnated with the smell of chocolate at the small farms of cocoa that sit between the trees. Haciendas date back to colonial times and welcome visitors to see, smell and taste the cocoa in its various stages of production.